By Robert Cameron

          The Blackshirts force 8 turnovers on way to a 48 to 12 victory.
The Blackshirts bounced back after an embarrassing 27 point fourth quarter that was surrendered to Missouri. This was the Cornhuskers' 35th consecutive Homecoming win. Bo Pelini's defense collected 8 turnovers tying a school record on way to a 48 to 12 victory over the Texas A&M Aggies.

The Blackshirts intercepted 5 passes and forced 3 fumbles while only allowing the Aggies to score 12 points. The Aggies were on the Nebraska 25 yard line or closer on 5 occasions and only managed to score 2 field goals. Their special teams scored the Aggies only touchdown late in the game on a kickoff return.

LB Barrett Ruud scored a touchdown on a 27-yard interception return early in the first quarter. He also led the team in tackles with 8 and collected a sack. FS Josh Bullocks had 1 interception making his total a NCAA leading 7 interceptions for the year. NT Titus Adams made an interception late in the game and returned it 3 yards for a touchdown. Adams spiked the ball in the end zone at the end of the play. Adams seemed to be caught up in the moment but it was painfully obvious that Coach Solich wasn't pleased with his celebration. After the game when Solich asked the team if Adams should be punished, the team voted no. CB Fabian Washington and CB Lornell McPherson each had interceptions making the Blackshirts total 5 for the game. LB Demorrio Williams, SS Daniel Bullocks and DT Kevin Smith each had fumble recoveries. Bo Pelini's defense turned in its most dominating performance this year.

Barney Cotton went back to the power game using IB David Horn and IB Josh Davis. Horn rushed for 86 yards and 1 touchdown on 14 carries and Davis rushed for 63 yards and 1 touchdown on 14 carries. QB Jammal Lord led the team in rushing with 109 yards and 2 touchdowns on 15 carries.

Lord's passing was less than impressive as he was 2 for 7 attempts for 22 yards. That's a dismal completion rate of 28%. That's the one area that the Cornhuskers haven't shown any real improvement, nor does it look like its something that they plan to seriously address this year. With the game well in hand and a 28 point lead the coaching staff (A.K.A Frank Solich) finally let QB Joe Daily have a few reps. On Daily's first pass he threw a 29 yard touchdown strike to WR Isaiah Fluellen. He threw a pass on his first attempt that not only was better than any pass Lord threw, but he made it look so easy. Be prepared to hear the phrase "TOUCHDOWN Daily to Fluellen" I have a feeling we could be hearing that a lot over the next three years. I found myself asking this question: Why didn't Daily throw another pass the rest of the game? I'm sure if you ask Solich or Cotton they would say that the game was well in hand and there was no point in rolling up the score. This would be true, but there's a little part of me that says maybe Solich was afraid if Daily kept completing passes he would have to field more questions about Daily vs. Lord in regards to the passing game. I'm not saying you have to bench Lord, but it sure would be nice to have 2 quarterbacks that could play if needed. Remember this is the guy next year, let's make sure he gets some experience against first string opponents as well.

Iowa State comes to Lincoln next weekend and this game could get ugly fast. Look for the Blackshirts to be all over Iowa State and Cotton to use Davis and Horn in the power game again. Maybe Daily will get in earlier in this game and get some quality reps. My prediction Nebraska 49 and Iowa State 6.