By Robert Cameron

      IB Cory Ross led the Huskers in rushing with 108 yards on the night.
The Huskers go on the road and grind out a victory 24-3 against the Kansas Jayhawks. The No Shirt defense didn't dominate the Jayhawks, but came up with turnovers and big stops when needed. IB Cory Ross had the hot hand and led the Huskers in the second half.

IB Cory Ross had the hot hand and was the Huskers leading rusher with 108 yards on 19 carries. Ross did a good job of hitting the holes the offense line opened for him and was patient and used his blockers. QB Jammal Lord was 7 of 12 attempts passing for a 58% completion rate with 1 interception. Lord's stats may look good, but anyone who saw the game would tell you different. Any pass that Lord threw that was down field more than 10 yards looked absolutely horrible. His big rainbow looking passes were not only very ugly, but extremely under thrown. If it weren't for that fact that the Husker receivers reacted well to the ball and were able to either out jump the Jayhawks or come back to the ball, Lord's completion rate would have been worse. It still baffles me how Turner Gill, Barney Cotton and Frank Solich still can't see that Lord isn't the answer when it comes to the passing game. He isn't even an adequate quarterback. He's a good runner that can't and never will be able to throw the football. It's time to get QB Joe Daily some playing time before the season is over and this would have been a good game to get him some snaps.

The Husker Full Backs accounted for all the touchdowns against the Jayhawks. FB Judd Davies had 2 touchdowns on a 4 yard and then a 3 yard run. FB Steve Kriewald had the other touchdown on a 1 yard run.

The No Shirt defense held the Jayhawks to only 3 points, but didn't dominate the game the way they should have. This week in practice the Blackshirts should still not be used until the Huskers play better defense. Jayhawks freshman QB Adam Barmann threw for 204 yards going 24 for 34 passes attempted for a 71% completion rate. Remember this is Adam's first start for the Jayhawks and he had these kinds of numbers. Is this kid that good? No, but the Husker defense made him look that good. First, the Huskers defense was playing about 10 yards off the Jayhawk receivers making it extremely easy to complete short passes. This helped to build his confidence. Second, the Huskers weren't getting much pressure on Adam only rushing their four down lineman most of the game. Third, the Huskers at times looked very sloppy when trying to make tackles. That's the second week in a row the Huskers haven't tackled well or gotten pressure on the quarterback.

The Huskers did create 4 turnovers, 3 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery and held the Jayhawks to only 88 yards rushing. FS Josh Bullocks made his ninth interception of the year and is the leading interceptor in college football. His twin brother SS Daniel Bullocks and FS Jerrel Pippens accounted for the other 2 interceptions. Demorrio Williams led the team in tackles with 12 and recorded 1 of the Husker's 2 sacks. Demorrio also came up with a key fumble when it looked like the Jayhawks were going to go in for a touchdown.

The Huskers will play K State in Lincoln next week, which is a very important game and should decide who will win the Big 12 North division. The home crowd and Husker defense should keep the game close in the first half. The inability of Jammal Lord to throw the ball will make the Huskers too one-dimensional. Turner Gill, Barney Cotton and Frank Solich will still refuse to address this issue and it will cost the Huskers the game. My prediction is Nebraska 17 and Kansas State 35.