By Robert Cameron

         The Longhorns celebrate after defeating the Cornhuskers 31 to 7.
The Huskers traveled to Austin to battle the Longhorns in what most people thought would be a very competitive game. The Longhorns dominated the game on offense and defense from the start to the end of the game defeating the Huskers 31 to 7.

This had to be the worst offensive performance by the Huskers in years or one of the best defensive performances by the Longhorns depending on which team you follow. The Husker offense was only able to rush for 53 yards for the entire game. That's the lowest rushing production for a game since 1979. IB Josh Davis was the leading rusher with 28 yards on 10 carries that's an average of 2.8 yards a rush. It gets worse. QB Jammal Lord rushed for 22 yards on 21 carries. That's a 1-yard average for carry. These aren't the numbers you would expect to see from the nation's third ranked rushing team.

The Huskers passing game wasn't much better. Lord completed 5 of 15 passing for 122 yards and a 33% completion rate. Lord threw 1 interception and was sacked 5 times. Early in the fourth quarter Lord threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to TE Matt Herian for the Huskers only score of the game.

The Longhorns running attack gained 353 yard rushing for the game, dominating the Huskers defense. Texas RB Cedric Benson ran for 179 yards on 28 carries averaging 6.2 yards a carry and scoring 3 touchdowns. Texas QB Vince Young rushed 14 times for 163 yards and a very impressive 11.6-yard average. Young also recorded 1 touchdown running. The Huskers were able to keep Texas WR Roy Williams and the Longhorns passing attack from scoring, but with how well the Longhorns were moving the ball on the ground, they didn't really need to rely on their passing game.

Husker LB Barrett Ruud led the Blackshirts in tackles with 17 and SS Daniel Bullocks had 15 tackles. Three Huskers made interceptions NT Titus Adams, CB Lornell McPherson and FS Josh Bullock made his eighth interception for the year.

This game was very hard to watch for Husker fans. I should know, because I was in Austin and at the game. It was so one side that the Longhorn fans started to feel sorry for the Husker fans. Some of the Longhorn Fans even tried to console me by trying to say something nice about the Huskers, but they really had a hard time finding anything with how bad we were playing. The best they could come up with was, "that kicker Kyle Larson is a really good punter." If the only compliment the opposing teams fans can find to say about your team is how good your punter is, you are really having a bad game. By the way Kyle Larson punted nine times during the game which happens to be one more than the number of first downs the Huskers offense had for the game.

The Longhorns beat the Huskers in every aspect of the game. Are the Longhorn really that good? Well they sure were last weekend, but they will still need a miracle to win the Big 12 South. The Huskers on the other hand are still in contention to win the Big 12 North if they can recover from this game. The Huskers will play Kansas next week on the road and should take out their frustrations on the Jayhawks. My prediction Nebraska 31 and Kansas 18.