By Robert Cameron

    LB Demorrio Williams (#7) had 8 tackels, 3 sacks and forced 2 fumbles.
The Blackshirt defense turned in another solid performance in a 31 to 7 victory over Utah State. Utah State was held to 178 yards passing and only 60 yards rushing. For the second game in a row, the Blackshirts allowed a score early only to make adjustments and shut out their opponent the rest of the game. Demorrio Williams was virtually unstoppable and had another big performance. He had 8 tackles, 3 sacks, forced two fumbles and recovered one of them. It was one of the most dominating performances I have seen by a Husker defensive player in quite some time. Not only did he have three sacks, but he had three sacks on three consecutive Utah possessions. While accomplishing the first two sacks, Williams was able to produce two fumbles and recover one of them. Once again Barrett Ruud had a very good game. He had 10 tackles and forced one fumble. Josh Bullock added to his two interceptions last week by picking off another one this week.

Our offense is still in need of some tweaking. Josh Davis rushed for 63 yards and David Horne rushed for 50 yards. Together they make an effective one, two punch at I-back. Jamal Lord rushed for 72 yards and was 8 of 12 passing for 85 yards and no interceptions. His passing percentage was 67% and he threw the ball better. He didn't throw the ball behind people or into the ground. However, he still looks uncomfortable throwing the ball and needs to learn to put more touch on his passes.

The kicking game still needs work. DeAngelis missed an extra point in the first quarter, which would make his third missed kick in two games. Freshman David Dyches who looked very good in making four field goals replaced him. Our kickoff return coverage team is still weak. If this is not improved, once we play a team that has a serious return man, they will be able to exploit this weakness.

Freshman quarterback Joe Dailey made is debut in the fourth quarter. He was 5 for 4 for 47 yards passing and rushed the ball 9 times for 55 yards and fumbled once. I know he's just a freshman, but its hard not to get excited when you watch him throw the ball. Though it's early, it appears he has better touch than Lord, which makes you feel really good about the future. He is very elusive and possesses good speed. I would like to see him get more playing time this year. It was nice to see a throwing quarterback that can run instead of a running quarterback who can't throw.

I believe we are getting better each game as a team. Penn State is coming to Lincoln next week and I know the Huskers will be looking for payback after last year's loss. My prediction is Nebraska 27 Penn State 14.